Peace Messages

Peace Messages are the essence of our work, bringing together positive and loving expressions, making a difference at an individual and a collective level.

Please email your Peace Message to tessburrows{at}, adding your name and nationality.

For our last main Peace Climb they were gathered together, along with one from every nation on Earth, and spoken out from Mount Kilimanjaro on 21st Sept 2011, United Nations Peace Day. These African Messages were spoken out again, along with new ones, in London during the 2012 Olympic Games. At the PEACE PAGODA in Battersea Park and on other occasions since.

We have spoken out Peace Messages on all our Past climbs. Do take a look at some of the Peace Messages sent to us for our South Pole Race..

A Peace Message can be:- a prayer, a wish, a pledge for the environment, a message to the Earth, your vision for peace, a promise to make a difference etc… They are often powerful in their simplicity as a thought from the heart e.g. I will not fight with my brother; or, Peace and love to all beings; or, Dear Earth, I care for you.

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(87) Tess
Sat, 24 November 2012 16:02:58 +0100

Hold the Light for Peace

(86) Kili Peace Climb Team
Sat, 22 September 2012 15:16:25 +0200

Peace, Harmony and Love to the world on this 21st Sept Peace Day.
May every day be a Peace Day

(85) Ezabella James
Sun, 16 September 2012 22:52:06 +0200

peace roxx man!!!

(84) Tina
Thu, 2 August 2012 16:43:38 +0200

Be gentle with yourself, your inner heart will shine, allowing others to shine their own light. Peace will follow.

(83) Yvette Jane
Mon, 30 July 2012 20:22:20 +0200

I wish to cultivate peace in my heart so it will echo throughout the world. x

Fri, 27 July 2012 10:18:04 +0200

"See the nations walking together as brothers in the sunlight"

(81) Mukhuta Muhiana J
Sun, 15 July 2012 12:01:04 +0200

peace ,love and unity from the world peace foundation Africa.

(80) Yannik
Mon, 25 June 2012 16:20:32 +0200

Olympic Peace at the coming together of nations...

(79) Margaret
Thu, 21 June 2012 18:02:40 +0200

Peace love and joy, this solstice

Tue, 24 April 2012 06:40:30 +0200

Peace is a precious value, but a fragile one; it can be misunderstood and misused. In order to exercise his peace, then, man must move beyond and come to know the truth about himself and the truth about good and evil.


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