Welcome to Climb For Tibet

Our Mission is to focus on the potential for peace and environmental harmony on our planet, by carrying out climbs or treks, each one a pilgrimage to watch for the Earth; bringing together heart messages from thousands of individuals, making a difference both at an individual and a collective level.

Our patrons are His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Joanna Lumley OBE, Doug Scott CBE, Princess Helena Moutafian MBE and Uri Geller, all of whom are passionate about peace on our Earth.

Climb For Tibet gathers Peace Messages to speak out periodically from high places. This is in the manner of the long-held Tibetan tradition of Peace Messages on prayer flags flown from the highest places possible to blow in the winds, carrying prayers, hopes and wishes for the creation of a peaceful Earth. Please add your Peace Message here.

Over the last decade Climb For Tibet has also raised charity funds of over £128,000 for educational, environmental and compassionate projects. The main focus has been to build much needed schools in Tibet. We are delighted that 6 schools have been funded for under-privileged rural children who without help would have had no opportunity to learn to read and write… (100% of money donated goes to the projects -no admin. fees etc. are charged by us).

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